Textile Technician

Career information

What do they do?

Textile technicians are skilled in a wide range of technical processes including yarn making, carpet tufting and knitting. They prepare the machines for production and ensure the end products are high-quality.

A typical day

Typically, an eight-hour day which can involve shift work.

For yarn making: Washing/blending, carding, spinning, twisting, finishing and checking product quality.

For carpet tufting: Setting up yarn and monitoring tufting processes; backing, finishing and checking product for quality.

For knitting: Using a computer to convert designs to machine knittable files, setting up a machine to read designs, monitoring and adjusting the machine during production to assure quality.

Sound like you?

Study areas

» English or Media Studies or History

» Maths or Accounting or Economics

» Sciences or Workshop Technology.


» Confident communicator

» Strong eye for detail

» Good work habits/time management.

Helpful experience

» Customer service or helping people

» Making or fixing things

» Working with machinery.

Preferred work environments

» Indoors (retail or shop)

» Indoors (workshop or plant)

» One place every day.



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