Competenz 2016 Annual Report

02 June 2017

The 2016 Competenz Annual Report highlights the results Competenz has achieved over the course of last year, with a focus on where Competenz is moving towards in 2017.

"If the constant is change, 2016 was no exception. Our industries are facing many challenges. In the manufacturing sector, automation is making employment reductions a reality. Our clear aim is to contribute to the upskilling of the New Zealand workforce to improve productivity and therefore economic prosperity as well as social wellbeing." says Competenz Chairman Mike Simm.

The report also acknowledges the achievement of Competenz CEO Fiona Kingsford.

"Fiona’s eight-year experience within Competenz provided her with a deep understanding of our capability. She has been able to very successfully apply her expertise to the transformation project in which we are fully immersed and committed to seeing through," says Simm.

Click here to view the 2016 Competenz Annual Report to learn how the organisation works with businesses and learners to help them build their skills