Learner Support

If you or one of your employees needs support with language, literacy, numeracy, or other areas of learning, we're here to help.

For employers

A well-trained, highly literate, and numerate workforce helps a company to be more productive. Your staff can work more effectively and autonomously.

On the flip side, when your employees can’t read, write, add numbers, or measure correctly, it can be a real cost to your business. You have to deal with the possibility of higher accident rates, increased staff turnover, missed deadlines, unnecessary wastage, and mistakes.

Unlocking the potential of New Zealanders is central to what we do, so we help to ensure your employees have the tools and support they need to be successful. We work with a network of providers to support and grow language, literacy, and numeracy skills if your staff need extra help.

For learners

  • Are you new to the workforce? Do you find it hard to keep up with the people around you?
  • Do you struggle with reading and writing or have a learning challenge such as dyslexia?
  • Do you struggle with counting and basic mathematics?

If you struggle with any of the above at home, work, or in your on-the-job training, we can help. Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you.

How Competenz helps

Literacy and numeracy assessments

We use the Literacy and Numeracy Adult Assessment Tool (LNAAT) to identify potential learning needs. We use the results to provide a tailored learning support programme.

Specialised learning support

Do you have specialised learning needs? Whether it's through one-on-one support or part of a wider programme, we make sure learners have the tools they need to stay on top of their learning.

Free online resources

Pathways Awarua is a free online adult literacy and numeracy learning platform. There are a range of modules to support your learners’ numeracy, reading, and writing skills. Employers can register as an educator to monitor and support their employees’ progress.

Training in mechanical engineering?

We've developed a support framework that assesses where a learner needs help, and which support offerings to provide.

Learner support framework

Download the employer handbook
(PDF, 1 MB)