Competenz helps thousands of learners gain the knowledge and skills they need to accelerate their careers with on-the-job training and apprenticeships in 37 different industries.

Our school advisors work with technical teachers, career advisors, students, and parents to support and assist our future learners by providing careers information, unit standard and resources, assessment and moderation advice, work experience and job opportunities.

Unit standards and resources

Are you a teacher looking for unit standards and resources for NCEA credit achievement? Please register/login with your school email to get access

Work experience and industry site visits

Do you have students interested in a trade career but aren't sure which path to take? Competenz works with employers across the country to arrange work experience placements and industry site visits, to give students a 'taster' for what it is like to work in the trades.

If you're interested in work experience placements or industry visits for your student(s), please contact us for further information:


Competenz does not offer Gateway.

Work-ready students

If you have a student ready to start an apprenticeship now check out our get ready for a trade career page.

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