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What is an apprenticeship?

Becoming an apprentice means learning a new trade while you work. You’ll get a globally-recognised qualification and hands-on job experience, plus you’ll get paid so you won’t go into debt. The more qualifications you get, the more you can earn.

You may be interested in upskilling where you work now, or starting out in a new job.  Anyone can do an apprenticeship if they’re aged 16 or older, legally reside in New Zealand, and hold a current driver license. You must have citizenship, permanent residency or a valid visa to work in New Zealand. The average length of an apprenticeship is three to four years.

Apprenticeships can help open doors to owning your own business, or working overseas.

Paid job
Earn while you learn from day one
On-the-job training
Get practical training to upskill in your career
Get qualified
Earn a internationally-recognised qualification

How it works

  • Get a job in your chosen industry (we can help with that). Or if you’re already employed, get your employer to check us out and then contact us.
  • Get yourself and your employer registered with Competenz.  
  • Competenz will assign you a Training Advisor or Account Manager.
  • Your Training Advisor or Account Manager will get you signed up as an apprentice and plan your career path.
  • Start your training on-the-job.
  • Study to pass your unit standards.
  • Become a qualified tradesperson!

Not sure which apprenticeship pathway is right for you?

A great career can start anywhere, as long as you’re keen to learn - even at the place you already work. An apprenticeship gives you more skills, choice and opportunities. A wide range of industries offer apprenticeships. Find out more about the one that’s right for you.

Are you in the loop?
Watch our video explaining our transition to Te Pūkenga