Develop your workforceWhakawhanakehia ō tāngata

Build capability and uncover talent to accelerate your business

Develop your workforce

Build capability and uncover talent to accelerate your business

Reskill, upskill or new skills?

Have you considered that the people your business needs might already be on the payroll? 50% of the employers we work with are actively upskilling their existing employees. Investing in training with Competenz helps retain your best people and ensures they are well-equipped to handle the future needs of your business and match your ambitions. We can spot existing talent or help you find new learners, and customise a training plan that suits your business and gets your team NZQA-recognised qualifications.

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Looking for a newbie, novice or newcomer to join your team? Our free recruitment service makes it easy to find the right candidates for your business. Write and post your job advert easily using our step-by-step ad builder, and we'll take it from there with the introductions and make sure your business is set up to help your learner succeed.

How we work with you

Watch the video below for an introduction to how the three-way partnership works between Competenz, the employer and the learner. Some of the ways we work with you and your learner:

  • We build a training plan to support your business
  • We support your employees as they learn
  • We confirm your employees’ new skills.

Why on-the-job training?

  • Grow your business with a qualified workforce
  • Upskill and reskill your best people
  • Develop talent that matches your needs
  • See a value return that outweighs the cost
  • Lower your recruitment costs and maximise your profit
  • Train on the job to minimise disruption and maximise impact.

Training programmes

Our customised training programmes help your employees grow new strengths, gaining skills and knowledge that have been endorsed by industry.

Training programmes can be apprenticeships (3-4 years), or short programmes and traineeships (6-18 months) that may result in a New Zealand Certificate, a qualification recognised on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.*

Our account managers or training advisors will work with you to explain our training programmes and develop a training plan, to meet the specific skills your business needs to build its future success.

*New Zealand Certificates and National Certificates are both listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is the government agency managing these qualifications on behalf of New Zealand industries. The New Zealand Certificates are a reviewed and updated replacement for the older National Certificates. However, the government and our industries continue to recognise the National Certificates as valid, relevant qualifications.

About us

Competenz is a Business Divison of Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology and is one of New Zealand’s work-based learning organisations. We arrange training for apprenticeships and other on-the-job qualifications, supporting employers, job seekers and people with jobs in our industries. We work with more than 3,500 companies and 12,000 learners in 37 industries around New Zealand each year to build skills, careers and businesses. To do this, we partner with employers, apprentices, schools, training providers and assessors across the country.

The code of good practice for New Zealand Apprenticeships

You, the apprentice, and us. There are three parties to a New Zealand Apprenticeship - the apprentice, the employer, and an industry training organisation like Competenz. Each party has unique responsibilities.

Read more about the responsibilities of each party.

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How we work with you

We build a training plan to support your business

Our account managers or training advisors work with you to understand your business and the skills you need for success. Then they agree to a tailored training plan with you to help your employees gain those skills. Most of this learning takes place on the job.

We support your employees as they learn

We provide training materials and online learning, visit your workplace to check on progress, and arrange for your employees to complete any off-job training they need.

We confirm your employees' new skills

We arrange assessments to confirm your employees have built their skills, and register their success with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

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Our free recruitment service can help you find the right staff

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