Progressive leader

Training your staff to improve productivity and profit

Sounds like you are well on your way.  Skill development is a top priority, you have a continuous improvement mindset and you are investing to adapt to the changing industry landscape. You will also have a well articulated capability framework and professional development planning in place.

Thinking about how qualifications can enhance your people and business might be a consideration. Based on your sectors, you can maximise your training and development budgets by working with your industry training organisation to access free training and wage subsidies for apprentices. Your people can gain recognised, transferrable skills contextualised to your workplace. You will work with your preferred registered provider, or even develop systems to deliver training in house, yourselves.

If you want to understand skills pathways, and how these can be enhanced with formal qualifications and funding for each area of your business, speak to the Workforce Development Team at Competenz. We have options for technical and soft skills (critical to adapting your workforce) that can support everyone from the shop floor to the sales teams.