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Better for everyone

A trade qualification shows that you have the right training to do your job. When you do an apprenticeship and earn a nationally recognised qualification, it works out better for everyone. You gain valuable skills, and your employer knows that those skills meet the standards expected in your industry.

Competenz offers two sets of nationally recognised qualifications: New Zealand Certificates and National Certificates.

Why are there two sets of qualifications?

We have worked closely with our industries to develop the New Zealand Certificates, which meet the changing needs of employers. They are a reviewed and updated replacement for the older National Certificates. However, the Government and our industries continue to recognise the National Certificates as valid, relevant qualifications.

How are the qualifications nationally recognised?

New Zealand Certificates and National Certificates are listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is the government agency managing these qualifications on behalf of New Zealand industries.

Industries we serve

We provide training in 37 sectors across New Zealand from engineering, signmaking and printing through to bakery and forestry.

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