Recognition of Prior Learning

When experience in a trade counts
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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that says experience does count when it comes to gaining a trade qualification. It recognises relevant and appropriate skills and knowledge obtained through training, work experience and life experience.

RPL can help those that perhaps missed out on gaining their trade qualification when they were younger, or people skilled in more than one trade or trained outside of New Zealand to obtain accreditation. By demonstrating your skills and knowledge to us through an evidence based formal assessment process, Competenz can identify if it is able to award you a relevant qualification within its gazetted coverage.

What are the benefits of RPL?

Competenz works with you to develop the best solution, that will lead you to achieving a nationally recognised qualification valued by industry.

What's the process?


We will work through the application process with you to help identify the right qualification and guide you through what will be required. A Competenz RPL assessor will review your the application and completes a verification process to confirm competency against the qualification.

Evidence Portfolio

If it is agreed you should proceed, you will need to provide a portfolio of evidence and supporting documentation to prove your competency meets all of the requirements.

Formal assessment is undertaken to establish that there is sufficient evidence to prove your knowledge and competency. This may involve referee checks, an interview and an onsite visit. If there are any gaps in knowledge and skills identified a personalised training plan is agreed. This may include attending additional training courses, or receiving training from your employer.

When you have completed all requirements of the unit standards in the programme, a review will be completed and a full qualification can be awarded.

The RPL process is not funded and is a user pays service. The cost may vary and is dependent upon the time it takes the RPL assessor and Competenz staff to complete the process.

If you wish to inquire further about applying for Recognition of Prior learning contact