This qualification is designed for individuals already working within the industry, interested in gaining a credential that will enhance their employment opportunities or people in allied trades such as electrical and plumbing who wish to enter the RHVAC industry.

Graduates to be able to:

Operate independently to safely install air conditioning systems up to 50Kw nominal cooling.
Use relevant, tools and equipment.
Build knowledge, techniques, and meet all relevant environmental and industrial legislative requirements.

What can I expect?

The programme focuses on the types of commercial and residential units commonly installed, including ducted systems and variable refrigerant flow units. Installation covers the requirements of seismic restraints, passive fire, and retaining the structural integrity of buildings, among others.
Electrical safety is a key component of the programme, however the requirement to hold an Electrical Workers Registration Boards (EWRB) practising license is not included as it is expected other qualified people will carry out this electrical work

The programme is rounded off with post-installation pre-commissioning of the installed units and the quality of the install.

How is it delivered?

This programme is best delivered on the job. Air Conditioning Installation Level 4 is a two-year certificate worth 140 credits. There is one three-week block course, which is set for year two of the programme. Competenz will launch this new qualification in the third quarter of 2022. If you would like to know more please register below.

More information on the qualification can be found on the NZQA website.

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