This micro-credential has been developed for
graduates to be able to:

Describe and use digital processes and complete digital tasks
Describe digital security
Describe and use production or safety data.

What's in it for your business?

Your valued workers will increase their digital knowledge and confidence, equipping them for technological changes large and small. Your workforce will be future-proofed, and its valuable knowledge retained.
How those technologies can be harnessed to make life easier and make the workforce more productive.
How those technologies work together
The digital technologies involved in your workplace

How is it delivered?

This programme is best delivered via a training provider.

What is Industry 4.0?

One of the key benefits of digital technologies (Industry 4.0) in manufacturing is improved quality and productivity.

This is achieved by digitally networking as many parts of the chain of manufacturing processes as possible – ideally from ordering to dispatch and including the upstream supply chain.

Once achieved, information on ‘what’s happening in the factory’ can be gathered in real-time.

The ‘real time’ aspect is key, often providing early warnings on quality or productivity problems.

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