Competenz CEO appointment to interim Establishment Board ensures strong industry voice in formation of Workforce Development Council

June 25, 2020

Today, Competenz CEO Fiona Kingsford was appointed to the interim Establishment Board of the Manufacturing, Engineering and Logistics (MEL) Workforce Development Council (WDC), providing critical industry experience in the formation of the new standards setting body for industry training.

Her appointment will ensure the 37 industries currently represented by industry training organisation (ITO) Competenz will have a strong voice in the development of the new council which is part of the Reform of Vocational Education.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to join this interim Establishment Board, and will advocate to ensure that our future workforce is armed with the skills it needs to navigate the shift to industry 4.0 in this post-COVID-19 world of industry training reforms and critical skills shortages,” says Ms Kingsford.

Throughout her career within manufacturing, engineering and hospitality sectors, Ms Kingsford has been a strong advocate of workbased learning, embedding qualifications into workplace practices, understanding the benefits to productivity and career development. Her background includes organisational design and development, vocational education and training, strategy, M&A and change management.

Recently, she was selected by New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (NZIST) Establishment Board as Chair of Work-Based Learning Working Group, providing advice on this critical component to the reform of vocational education.

Ms Kingsford is a member of the Forest Industry Ministerial Advisory Board and Director of Group Training Organisation, ATNZ.  She was previously a member of the establishment board and Chair of Auckland Māori and Pasifika Trades Training Consortia.

For more information on the six WDC interim Establishment Boards visit the TEC website