Consultation now open on simplifying New Zealand qualifications and other credentials

May 3, 2021

Te Mana Tohu Mātuaranga O Aotearoa, New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), has commenced formal consultation on proposals for simplifying vocational qualifications and other credentials. This consultation is an important part of Te Whakahou i Mātauranga Ahumahi, The Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE).

The intent of RoVE is to create a vocational education system that is ready for a fast-changing future of skills, learning and work. This unified system aims to:

  • Deliver to the unique needs of all learners, including those who have been traditionally under-served, such as Māori, Pacifika, and disabled learners
  • Be relevant to the changing needs of regional and national employers
  • Be collaborative, innovative and sustainable for all regions of New Zealand
  • Uphold and enhance Māori-Crown partnerships.

The design of vocational qualifications and other credentials will play a critical part in achieving the aims of RoVE as we seek to create greater consistency in learning outcomes and greater collaboration between providers and employers.

The building blocks of qualifications and credentials, along with the way education and training is delivered, play a crucial role in their recognition by industry and the extent to which graduates can move between jobs and upskill and trainees can change their mode of study without interruption.

This formal consultation period provides an opportunity to consider if a simplification of qualifications and other credentials could further support the overall RoVE objectives, particularly:  

  • the portability of students’ learning when they move between work-based and provider-based learning and between providers
  • consistency of what graduates know and can do so that employers can have confidence in their skills.

Consultation on proposals is open between 27 April and 16 June 2021 for industry, and those interested in vocational education and training, to tuku kōrero and provide feedback.  

Go to the consultation website to have your say here.

Or if you have any questions, reach out to NZQA at

*Information sourced from NZQA’s RoVE team and