Job matching service finds the perfect fit for print company

October 21, 2021

Using the Competenz online Job Board and free job-matching service was the perfect way for employer Ross Hall to find his apprentice and for Caitlyn Foster to get her foot on the ladder in an exciting new industry.

At any one time, there are approximately 400 learners who are job-ready and looking for the right opportunity,” says Competenz National Manager Career Development, Sarah Peldmanis.

“The businesses we partner with say their ability to recruit apprentices this way is enhanced. In 2021 so far, we’ve seen more than 26,000 website visitors whose primary interest is the Job Board, and it’s proving to be a valuable tool for both employers and potential learners.”

After leaving school, Caitlyn spent a couple of years in retail and admin jobs before she started studying towards a certificate in Visual Arts at The Learning Connexion. In January 2021, her career took a different turn when she joined Auckland signmaking and ‘creative powerhouse’ business Big Ideas and started a signmaking apprenticeship. It was through the Competenz job-matching service that she found the position.

“Competenz provided the details of the job, and I’m happy Big Ideas took me on!” she says. “I always wanted to be a signwriter when I left high school but never had the chance. But now I do, thanks to Ross, my employer.

“I love going to work every day and learning the skills and knowledge about signmaking. Every day there is something new, and Big Ideas allows you to flourish in your creativity.”

The Competenz job-matching service team works with employers to list their roles on the Job Board and then connects them to a shortlist of candidates interested in their role. The roles are all training related – apprenticeships or traineeships, and the team qualifies and interviews all interested candidates.

“We’re proud to say our success rate in candidates being offered roles is incredibly high! In fact, sometimes the employer will bring on board all of the candidates we put forward,” explains Sarah.

Caitlyn’s employer, Ross Hall, found the job-matching service “fantastic”.

“It helps us recruit as it vets the unsuitable candidates from the people who are genuinely interested in the trade. That’s a huge head start for an employer. We had meetings with a couple of candidates, and then we received a call about Caitlyn and BOOM, I found my apprentice,” he says.

So successful has Ross’s experience been with the job-matching service, he’s keen to do it again.

“I was just saying to my other shareholder the other day that I must get back on to Competenz and start the process again to find another apprentice so Caitlyn can move up the ladder.

“Caitlyn is my diamond, she works with a bunch of boys on the shop floor, and I love the respect they have for each other. It so comes down to the person; she had the passion to be a signmaker and will excel at it. She wants to know everything about the trade and is passionate about what she does. I am so happy with her integrity, hard-working attitude, strength, and willingness to do anything that is asked of her,” says Ross.

“Working for Big Ideas has changed my life,” says Caitlyn. “I will be forever grateful to Ross. He has been absolutely amazing to me, and I have never ever had an employer like him before. He is always pushing my limits to help me learn and gives so much confidence and support – not just to me, but to all the other signwriters who come through his bright neon doors.”

“Signmaking is a fantastic career choice for Caitlyn as she has an artistic and creative side,” says Sarah. “Her partner is about to finish his refrigeration and air-conditioning apprenticeship, and that helped motivate her to apply for the role after seeing how well he was doing.
“For employers and employees, the job-matching service is a win-win.”

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