Print company soaring with success

September 18, 2021

Family-owned Auckland print company Soar is flying high, with two of its team winning accolades at the prestigious Pride in Print 2021 awards.

Print apprentice Travis Jordan was named the Print Industry Apprentice of the Year, while Alex Huynh won the Workplace Trainer of the Year. For Travis, the award is an acknowledgement of the time and effort he has put into his craft.

“It’s really special and a reminder that you get out what you put in,” he says. “The award is something I’ll happily carry with me throughout my career.”

Travis followed his mother into the print industry, unsure of where he was going. She managed to get him some short-term casual work until he found something he wanted to do. “Fast forward seven years, I’m still with the same company where I’ve seen my own personal growth plus the growth of the company. I went from packing and light finishing jobs to now being a team leader for the Rocket print labels and packaging side of the business.”

Travis has just completed his NZ Apprenticeship (Complex) in Digital Printing and says the print industry has “something for everyone”.

“I’d definitely recommend a career in the print industry – it’s incredibly diverse and I truly believe there is something in the industry to suit everyone. What will set you apart though, is an eye for detail and the willingness to build and learn from your experiences – all in a fast-paced environment.

“I love the sense of respect we have for one another in the print industry – it’s surreal. We all share our tough days and our good days, and to be acknowledged with the Print in Pride award by those close to me who understand the effort I’ve put in really does mean a great deal.”

“Travis is deserving of the title of Apprentice of the Year,” says Competenz training advisor Grant Alsop. “He has obviously been trained and mentored well by Alex throughout his apprenticeship, congratulations on achieving above and beyond. Travis has a passion and enthusiasm for the printing trade, he enjoyed talking about his work and could do so with good knowledge. The way he presented his bookwork, the research and time he put into each assignment providing relevant evidence of his ability to carry out the tasks required was excellent.”

Soar workplace trainer Alex says it never crossed his mind that he would win the Trainer of the Year award for sharing knowledge and experience gained in the industry.

“It was an awesome feeling – I’m very honoured, excited, proud and grateful for the recognition. Successful teaching and training is not just the trainer’s effort – the receiving side also has to play their part and be diligent in their work and learning. I’m tremendously pleased with Travis and his performance, attitude, and dedication throughout his apprenticeship. He has worked extremely hard and deserves to win his award.”

Soar Print Managing Director Fred Soar said it has been great to see Alex develop someone like Travis through mentoring and training. “Currently, we have another two apprentices underneath him, and I’m really excited about that and hopeful about their prospects”.

For the future, Travis is focusing on continuing to innovate and develop alongside the ever-evolving technology in the industry.

“I’m very excited to see where my career takes me. At Soar we’re always pushing the industry a bit further. We like challenges and exploring new ways of doing things to show our existing and future clients what we’re capable of. I’m thrilled to be a part of that growth and innovation.”