Print Management Diploma helps Student of the Year understand lockdown impacts

July 3, 2020

Beacon Print Production Manager Taryn Gannaway has been named the Competenz Diploma of Print Management Student of the Year.

Tarryn says it was “quite special” to later replay the online awards feed and share in the commendations paid with her with family.

“I was very surprised,” says Taryn. “But this diploma has helped me have a greater understanding of how the company works – especially over the whole lockdown period and realising the impact that has on the business and understanding the decisions made.”

Having commenced work with Beacon Print when just 14 years of age, Taryn says she has gained an appreciation of various roles within the business and has enjoyed seeing the industry evolve.

“I still really enjoy my job. At the moment we are installing a new Goss press on site – we will have one of the newest presses in New Zealand. I think being there for that and seeing what changes that will have on our company is very exciting.”

Also a former SWUG Apprentice of the Year winner and Print Industry Apprentice of the Year finalist, she is very grateful for the support of Competenz Training Advisor Grant Alsop, Beacon Print General Manager Brian Cornes and Beacon Media Group Chief Executive Aaron Buist.

Aaron says he was “thrilled” to see Taryn’s efforts rewarded, particularly as she juggled becoming a first-time mother during her studies.

“We are absolutely rapt and, without sounding too presumptuous, we are not surprised just given how diligent and passionate Taryn is about print and about what she does for us here at Beacon Print,” says Aaron.

“She has always been really committed to her studies and most recently to the diploma, and to doing a great job there. So it is really good to see that recognised.”

Aaron also pays tribute to Taryn’s professional growth. “Taryn started with us as a hand collator, back before we had automation in the print business here, through to within the last year or so being appointed to the position of production manager – she is literally working alongside our general manager running that business day to day.

“Again, that’s just a testament to how well she has done and her approach to what we do at Beacon Print and her part in that.”

With the business currently engaging two web offset apprentices, Aaron says Beacon Print remains fully committed to ongoing training and to the industry overall.

“We are very excited about print – we see a great future in print. It is just great to have awesome people who are committed to come along on this journey with us.”

Other Competenz Diploma of Print Management Student of the Year finalists were:

  • Brent Martens of Gallagher Group
  • Cherie Williams of Ovato
  • Colin Lean of Logan Print
  • Gregor Inger of Brebner Print
  • Hamish Chapman of Webstar.
  • Matt Walsh of Philstic
  • Stacey McCormack of Brebner Print

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