The Apprenticeship Boost wage subsidy is here

August 7, 2020

Apprenticeship Boost helps employers support new and existing apprentices in their first two years of training in a level 4 apprenticeship qualification with a wage subsidy. You could receive up to $16,000 per apprentice, across 20 months of their working and training.

Now is the time to train. Take advantage of free fees on all apprenticeships (plus targeted traineeships) as well as the Apprentice Boost wage subsidy – available now!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Apprenticeship Boost is managed and administered by Work and Income New Zealand, part of the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). We are not able to assist you with your application status or payment information.
  • You need to create an account with MSD to use its online portal.
  • To qualify, an apprentice must be actively training and have completed less than 24 months of an eligible apprenticeship.
  • A consent form must be completed by each apprentice as part of applying.
  • To continue receiving payments, you need to reconfirm with MSD online every month that your apprentice is employed and training.
  • The apprenticeship programme start date is the date of an apprentice’s first apprenticeship training agreement with the transitional industry training organisation (ITO) or provider they’re enrolled with when you apply. Any previous apprenticeship enrolment(s) with their current transitional ITO, e.g. Competenz, will be counted in the 20 months but any prior training with another ITO is not counted.  Contact us if you need your apprentice’s training start date: ensure you provide us with their full legal name, date of birth and your business’ name.

Ready to go?

Apply via WINZ

Please note: if you have ATNZ apprentices, contact your ATNZ Account Manager for clarity as the process may differ.

If you’re looking for a talented potential apprentice to join your staff and want to take the hassle out of recruitment, talk to our Careers team. We offer a free job-matching service, connecting employers with enthusiastic potential learners around New Zealand. Talk to our Recruitment Advisor Brenda today.

If you have questions about our free apprenticeships and traineeships, email us, call us on 0800 526 1800, or use our Find my Funding tool to discover the Government support packages you’re eligible for. Apprentice Boost queries should be addressed with WINZ.