Where the magic happens

October 28, 2021

Print specialist Tracy Reynolds had been working at NZ Post as a print operator for 13 years before she decided to embark on studying towards a NZ Diploma of Print Industry Management Level 5, a qualification she has now completed.

“I have worked in many different areas and run many different platforms over the time I’ve been at NZ Post, and I found my true calling was the Cut Sheet platform, as this is where the magic happens,” says Tracy.

Tracy has just been named as the Diploma of Print Management Student of the Year at the recent national Pride in Print awards, an honour she says was “absolutely blown away” to receive.

“The Operations Manager at work suggested I should go for it, and I'm glad I did. I put a lot of hard work into my Diploma, and it's great to have that recognised. I am extremely grateful to be the recipient of the award.”

Tracy had completed her Level 3 and 4 print qualifications and says she hadn’t thought about doing more study.

“I’m not the normal age student!” she laughs. “I knew it would be a lot of work, but I was assured that I would have plenty of support from the NZ Post team and I did feel I needed a challenge at the time. Given the current climate right now with COVID-19, I knew the qualification would be an advantage if I was to take another path within NZ Post.”

Competenz training advisor Steven Jack and assessor Mike Dawson supported Tracy throughout her learning journey.

“The award is a great result,” says Steven. “She was unsure when she signed up to do the Diploma programme as she hadn’t done any formal study for a long time. But she was committed and eager to learn and has done a fantastic job.”

“Print is necessary for industries to conduct business and reach consumers. It’s hands-on and the work is varied. There are many different career pathways in the industry – from design to print, to name only a couple.”

“Steven and Mike were great,” says Tracy. “I built up a really good relationship with Mike who assessed me - and who is brilliant by the way! - and I was able to reach out to him whenever I was stuck or just needed some reassurance that I was on the right track. To study and work at the same time requires discipline and perseverance. I spent many hours sitting at my computer sweating and confused but super-proud when I had finished a module.”

Now Tracy is fully qualified, she says the benefits of her Diploma training have given her a lot of insight into both the industry and her role.

“I am more aware and greatly confident in the role I do. I know how important my job is in the business and it has made me a more valuable employee to the company. I’ve taken on more responsibility in my role as the trust and confidence my employers have in me has grown.

I am now the ‘go-to’ for issues or solutions in the print area and work closely with developers on odd jobs to get print working. I have a better understanding about the business as a whole and not just my area that I work in.”

Southern Operation Manager, Customer Communication management at NZ Post Clinton Chase is Tracy’s employer and says she is a valuable part of the team and an example of how to live up to the company’s values.

“Tracy contributes to the team environment by always looking to raise the bar and can be relied on to do what’s right in all situations. When given a project or task, she takes on the challenge without any impact to her daily work. As a Level 5 print operator, she also coaches other operators. She has the ability to be doing a job, then goes off to help someone with an issue and then carries on where she left off without seeming to miss a beat! She’s an important part of our team.”

Tracy says she’s happy doing specialised printing but is open to whatever the future holds, especially within NZ Post.

I pride myself in being flexible and adaptable. I think the best way of planning for the future is to make the most of the present.”

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