New Zealand Certificate in Food or Beverage Processing

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the food or beverage processing industry with people who have the skills and knowledge to work in production roles, under limited supervision.

Graduates will have the technical skills and knowledge required to work within quality systems in food or beverage processing, and for the safe, efficient operation plant and equipment used in food or beverage processing operations.

The food processing industry includes, but is not limited to: poultry, general food including: frozen products, milling, confectionery, edible oils and fats.

The beverage industry includes but is not limited to: the production of fermented and unfermented beverages including fruit, and syrup based beverages, but excluding wine.

Processing at this level includes operating equipment or controlling processes to add value to food or beverage raw materials or products and controlling storage and packaging operations for raw materials or products.

NZQA qualification overview