New Zealand Certificate in Passive Fire Protection Systems

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the Fire Protection industry and the Building Sector with competent inspectors of buildings in relation to passive fire protection. Graduates will work in accordance with the New Zealand Building Act, New Zealand Building Code, and regulations.

This qualification aims to benefit building owners and occupiers, the insurance sector, and the general public by providing skilled people (Independent Qualified Person (IQPs) and inspectors) who will be responsible for ensuring passive fire protection systems are compliant with the relevant Building Consent and Compliance Schedule.

Completion of this qualification is recognised by a number of Territorial Authorities as one of the criteria  for registration of IQPs. An IQP (in passive fire protection system) is a person whom the local Territorial Authority has confirmed as qualified to inspect, maintain and report on passive fire protection system in accordance with the requirements, and to certify that these procedures have been followed.

NZQA qualification overview