New Zealand Diploma in Competitive Systems and Practices

The purpose of this qualification is to provide New Zealand business entities that are implementing a competitive systems and practices strategy with people who have the skills and knowledge to implement the strategy and drive the associated culture change in a business unit or a smaller organisation.

This qualification is designed for senior managers who will be responsible for the implementation of the competitive systems and practices strategy within their organisation.

The term 'competitive systems and practices' describes a large range of systems and practice concepts and approaches leading to improved performance in organisations. It uses a systematic approach to produce high quality goods and/or services, for the least cost with the least waste, across multiple sectors.


Identify, implement and monitor competitive systems and practices throughout their area of responsibilities.

Learning outcomes - graduates will be able to:

  • Analyse the value chain in a business unit or smaller organisation
  • Determine appropriate areas for a CSP strategy
  • Drive holistic cultural change for CSP
  • Develop and implement CSP practices
  • Measure the success of the CSP strategies post-implementation
  • Plan and lead the implementation of a CSP strategy.

Approximate duration

18 - 24 months

NZQA qualification overview