What to do next

SpeedMeet is a series of events held nationwide to help connect employers with secondary school students interested in pursuing a trade career.

In 2022 SpeedMeet was held in nine locations, from Whangerei to Dunedin, and involved 171 employers and 228 students from 30 schools.

Here are a few more resources for you to help with next steps.


We hope you enjoyed the event and have had some successful matches. If you would like additional support in finding your next apprentice or have any questions, please get in contact with our job board team. Click through below to find out more about our free recruitment service and register your details for the team to get in touch.


If you have some matches after the event, now is the time to make contact. If you need some help with next steps, or didn't make a match, click through below for some resources and tools to help you get started in your trade career.

Keen to be involved next year?

Contact us at marketing@competenz.org.nz or fill out the form below.

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