Career information

What do they do?

The signmaking industry is a diverse industry incorporating designing, building, painting, signwriting, applying graphics and installation. A career in signmaking allows you to get creative and use a variety of materials such as perspex, vinyl, plastic, metal, glass, and wood. Various methods are used to produce signs, for example computer-controlled routers for 3D lettering and shapes from various materials, cutting and applying lettering or digital imagery to panels, banners and vehicles.

A typical day

Typically, an eight-hour day. Possibly shift work.

The nature of the work will vary with the employer, but it could involve machining, colour vinyl wrapping vehicles, printing, hand decorating spray-painting and screen-printing.

Sound like you?

Study areas
  • English or Media Studies or History
  • Sciences or Workshop Technology
  • Creative Arts (Visual/Textiles/ Graphics)
  • Computing/ICT/Information Management.
  • Confident communicator
  • Strong eye for detail
  • Confidence with IT, computers, technology.
Helpful experience
  • Making or fixing things
  • Working with machinery
  • Working with computers.
Preferred work environments
  • Indoors (workshop or plant)
  • Outside (outdoors)
  • Different places from time to time
  • Lots of different places everyday.



These can be useful from School:

  • NCEA English, Maths, Visual Arts, Technology, Computing or Graphics
Entry level jobs


  • Signmaker
Advancing jobs

Higher learning

  • Business Manager
  • Business Owner
Senior jobs

Higher learning

  • Specialist Signmaker
  • Senior Signmaker
  • Team Leader
  • Manager

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