Up-skill and cross-skill your staff, improve efficiencies in your workplace, and unlock the value of your most important asset — your workforce.

What is a traineeship?

A Competenz traineeship is a short, structured programme that combines practical and technical training to provide your team with a formal qualification. Traineeships typically take 6-24 months to complete and range from entry level to advanced.

Traineeships are formal arrangements between an employer, learner, and Competenz. This three-party arrangement ensures that learners are supported in achieving their learning goals.


Why should I consider a traineeship?

The continued rate of technological advances across many industries has revealed the immediate need for a skilled workforce that can keep pace.

According to a recent Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) survey, 72% of businesses said that the main skill that businesses and job applicants were lacking was basic digital skills, and 71% said that highly skilled jobs were the hardest to fill.

Traineeships provides you with immediate access to skills development that address these gaps without taking your team away from the tools. Employees without formal qualifications can benefit from the structure of a traineeship to gain the qualifications they need.

Griffin's has seen the benefits of upskilling their people on retention and advancement — read their traineeship story here.

Is my employee eligible?

Your employee needs to be 16 years of age or older and a New Zealand Citizen or Resident with the right to work in New Zealand.

How we work with you

A Competenz account manager will analyse your current and future business needs and develop training plans that address any gaps.

Programme options

In consultation with industry, Competenz has built a range of programmes that address general business and workforce needs as well as key technical skills for your industry.

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Competenz also offers bite-sized training that address skill sets needed by industry.

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