New Zealand Certificate in Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

About this qualification
This qualification provides the pulp and paper industry with people who have the advanced skills and knowledge needed to operate safely and efficiently the plant and equipment used in pulp and paper manufacturing. Graduates will be able to work without supervision or under broad guidance.

The qualification is stranded to recognise the specialist skills and knowledge needed to work in specific areas of the industry. These are the four strands:
• Mechanical pulping
• Dry end
• Wet end
• Pulp and paper forming.

Graduates will understand the science and technology behind manufacturing processes used to make pulp and paper. They will be able to:
• apply their knowledge of processes to improve productivity and quality
• control plant and equipment safely and efficiently in their specialist area.

Learners must complete a set of core skills plus some elective skills.

Who this qualification is intended for
Employees who have already mastered entry level skills and knowledge.

NZQA qualification overview