New Zealand Diploma in Fishing Vessel Operations

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the fishing industry with personnel who are licensed under the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Fishing Vessel Personnel (STCW-F) to manage the operation of fishing vessels in unlimited waters.

This qualification is intended for experienced fishing seafarers training to become Mate or Skipper on large offshore fishing vessels. It is also open to new entrants to the industry.

Graduates of the core qualification will work at the level of Mate Fishing Vessel - Unlimited; second in charge to the Skipper.

The Fishing Vessel Skipper Optional strand is for those wishing to take full charge of the vessel and gain the qualification of Skipper Fishing Vessel - Unlimited.

Completion of this qualification is a pre-requisite when applying for Maritime New Zealand Mate Fishing Vessel - Unlimited or Skipper Fishing Vessel - Unlimited Certificates. Awarding of these certificates by Maritime New Zealand may also require the completion of a logbook, oral exam and ancillary certificates.

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180 - 245