Competitive Systems and Practices

Competitive Systems and Practices (CSP) is a suite of qualifications designed to give people within your organisation the skills and knowledge they need to devise and implement more productive and competitive methods of working.

These qualifications draw on more than 80 years of cross-industry research on how improving systems and practices can reduce costs, waste, and increase efficiency.

Cost and time savings add to your profit margin; the transformative outcomes of workplace CSP learning can be applied to any work, in any industry.

What’s in it for your business?

CSP learning is not only about a specific knowledge set. It’s about learning to question existing methods and continuously look for improvements.

The beauty of on-the-job CSP learning is that the improvements your people discover are real and able to be implemented in your business immediately.

The benefits are long-lasting as graduates continue to look for additional improvements over time.

Workplace-based CSP qualifications deliver increased profitability and sustainability (cost and waste reduction), as well as complementing and maintaining your people’s core skills at every level of your organisation.

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Qualification on offer

New Zealand Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices, Level 3


Understand and identify opportunities to implement competitive systems and practices within their individual remit.

Learning outcomes - graduates will be able to:

  • Identify waste within a process and act to minimise it
  • Identify cost factors within their control and improve cost efficiency
  • Apply CSP concepts to implement in their work
  • Understand and address the impact of change resulting from CSP
  • Sustain the implemented workplace improvements.

Approximate duration

4 -12 months

NZQA qualification overview

New Zealand Certificate in Competitive Systems Practices, Level 4


Identify, implement and monitor competitive systems and practices throughout their area of responsibilities.

Learning outcomes - graduates will be able to:

  • Document a value chain to identify improvement opportunities
  • Apply the appropriate competitive systems and practices
  • Implement and monitor processes to ensure sustained improvements
  • Facilitate culture change in implementing CSP.

Approximate duration

9 -24 months

New Zealand Diploma in Competitive Systems and Practices (CSP), Level 5


Identify, implement and monitor competitive systems and practices throughout their area of responsibilities.

Learning outcomes - graduates will be able to:

  • Analyse the value chain in a business unit or smaller organisation
  • Determine appropriate areas for a CSP strategy
  • Drive holistic cultural change for CSP
  • Develop and implement CSP practices
  • Measure the success of the CSP strategies post-implementation
  • Plan and lead the implementation of a CSP strategy.

Approximate duration

18 - 24 months

The best part? Earn while you learn - there's no student loan

You’ll get qualified without a student loan, all while learning practical skills from industry experts. You can put that money towards something else you really want – might be a new car, new tools or a new house.

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