Mechanical Engineering

Learner support

We have listened to both our learners, and employers requests for more support. Our learner support framework establishes support needs, provides a comprehensive induction, and wraps the right support around each learner throughout their apprenticeship journey.

We assess what the learner needs

During the signup process, a learner will be sent the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool (LNAAT) and questionnaire.

Ongoing support

The results of the LNAAT and questionnaire will determine the support that is recommended for each learner.
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Everyone recieves

The induction

Our induction equips learners with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to kick-start their apprenticeship while providing an opportunity to discuss and implement good study practices.

The induction includes:

  • An apprenticeship overview, which includes training plans, block courses, roles, and responsibilities
  • Systems training on Canvas and completion of a unit standard
  • What Competenz support is available and where to find this support
  • An opportunity to meet the e-assessors
  • Time management and study skills
  • The chance to develop and maintain relationships with other apprentices.

Open to all

Study groups

We want to create a learning environment that is collaborative by providing a platform to ask questions and get answers.

Study groups are:

  • A virtual forum via the Zoom platform
  • Co-facilitated by a mechanical engineering subject matter expert and a literacy and numeracy specialist
  • Individual training plan support
  • Engineering drawing support
  • A focused set study time for learners
  • Run on a fortnightly basis, each session being two hours in duration
  • A commitment - enrolled learners are expected to attend every fortnight

Specialised support


Mentoring is one-on-one and may occur online in a virtual environment, or through face-to-face visits. This programme is offered after a six-month review of progress which will assess if additional support is required.

Mentoring includes:

  • Guidance and support from an experienced external mentor
  • Setting short term goals that work towards achieving quarterly goals set by the training advisor
  • A focus on good study practices and time management
  • Help with overcoming any roadblocks and/or barriers
  • Assistance to access the right support offered by Competenz.

Specialised support


Did you know that one in ten Kiwis in the workforce are dyslexic? Dyslexia does not affect general intelligence, but can cause difficulties when learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols.

Dyslexia support includes:

  • Access to government funding for learning support
  • Tools and equipment to help learners progress with assessments.

To access funding, learners are required to complete an online ‘QuickScreen’ assessment. Using these results, Competenz will make an application to Workbridge and handle the rest!

Specialised support

Literacy and numeracy

Our literacy and numeracy programme is set up to ensure learning is accessible to everyone. Competenz has partnered with a network of specialist providers and tutors to support and grow language, literacy, and numeracy skills. We can also provide support for ESOL learners.

Our literacy and numeracy programme includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment to determine required learning support
  • Tailored solutions for individual learners.

Whether it's through one-on-one support, or part of a wider programme, we make sure learners have the tools they need to stay on top of their education.

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